Movies Matter

Sound Design

Movies Matter

Created for the Canadian Film Centre – Movies Matter, aims to showcase just how special a different perspective can be. By highlighting two hard hitting facts that the Canadian Film Industry was responsible for over the last year I aim to show how important the Film Industry is to the Canadian Economy. I was responsible for music selection, part of the sound design and the audio supervision of the project.



Director - Salman Sajun

Art Director – Salman Sajun
3D Rendering – Omayr Nasir
Messaging – Dalia Rashid
Paper Props – Omayr Nasir, Cedric Laurenty, Marie-Josée Archambault, Josh Hansen
Post Production – Cedric Laurenty, Salman Sajun
Stop Motion Animators – Cedric Laurenty, Marie-Josée Archambault
Sound Designer – Mayte Cabrera Cazorla
Voiceover – Sean Depner
Making Off Footage – Josh Hansen
Equipment – Kessler Crane